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Allegría Piano Reviews

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"Thank you so much for helping our daughter get into LaGuardia Highschool, her first choice.  As she says, LaGuardia is a really special opportunity, and she is absolutely right." -Sarah C.

"The girls practice every day on their own without our having to say a word.  They love their piano lessons." - George P.

"Michelle, you have really been amazing with our daughter. We both know that there are people who could condition her to play scales but you are somehow keeping her mind in the work in a way she can own it that is unique to her. It's a totally different accomplishment than just moving through the books, and she is doing both. I am sincerely appreciative and very lucky too to get to see my kid grow like this."  -Rachel S.

"It's exciting for us too!  Thanks so much for your hard work and care. Our daughter really looks forward to her lesson. I'm so pleased with the musical education that you are giving her."   -Charlie G.

"Michelle makes music fun and meaningful to each of my kids in very different and unique ways.  They're learning to appreciate music as they understand it.  My kids adore her."  -Stephanie C.

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