Each student's piano study at Allegría Piano includes
Private Lessons, Group Workshops, and Live Performances

Allegria Piano Lessons NYC

Private Lessons

Private lessons may be 30 min (beginner), 45 min (intermediate), or 60 min (advanced).  Music theory, ear-training, sight-reading, technique and various styles of repertoire are taught in each private lesson. Analysis, creativity, and expression are emphasized, to develop a “musical mind and heart.” A strong sense of commitment and respect is expected from students who are accepted into the studio. Consistent and quality home practice are necessary for progress and for students to be proud of their hard work. 

Bach Solfeggio in D

Allegría private lessons incorporate a fun and innovative approach to learning - one mixed with duets, ensemble playing, theory, musical games, improvisation, composition, ear training and story telling - Musical expression isn't merely playing dynamics and phrasing; it is creating a compelling musical story ... Students love the playful and expressive nature of their lessons and are inspired and motivated to learn, progress, and conquer new challenges.

Beginner Duets

Group Workshops

Allegría group workshops allow our students to practice performance in an informal, laid-back, peer environment.  Workshops are held in-studio, in groups of students of similar age and level. We highlight performance techniques, relaxation strategies, and recital etiquette. Students are well-prepared, relaxed, and energized come recital time.

Grieg Waltz, Liszt Liebestraum, Caroll The Reef
Allegria Piano Lessons NYC
Allegria Piano Lessons NYC
Allegria Piano Lessons NYC

Live Performance

Allegria Piano holds two large performance events each year to recognize the hard work and wonderful progress that our students have achieved in their music practice.  Performances are self-motivating opportunities for students to bring their skills to the next level, and an important platform for boosting confidence.


Performance preparation develops skills such as time management, honing focus, polishing technique, conquering difficulties and recovery from mistakes, all integral parts of the path towards progress.  Students learn to show up and give their best, while inspiring and being inspired by their peers. Parents too, are given the opportunity to reflect upon how far their child has come along the piano learning journey. To celebrate our students together, as a community of learners striving for excellence, is priceless.


Allegria NYC Piano Lessons

Allegría Piano's fully comprehensive program cultivates a self-propelling cycle of independence, achievement and self-esteem.  Our students experience the joy of playing piano while developing self discipline, patience, and perseverance.  It's amazing to see what students can accomplish when they are relaxed, supported, and motivated:

  • Joyful performances with friends and family

  • Transcribing favorite songs from film and theater

  • Composing and recording original works

  • Admission to highly competitive music schools

  • Confidence from personal growth and achievement

Allegria Piano Lessons NYC