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What Makes Allegría Piano Studio Unique?

Performance * Technique * Ear training * Sightreading * Theory * Composition

Allegria Piano NYC
  • Innovative and Diverse Learning Method

  • Classical, Blues, Pop, Folk, Ragtime, Contemporary

  • Personalized one-to-one lesson experience nurturing independence, creativity, confidence and musicianship

  • Highly Individualized and Engaging Curriculum

  • Sightreading and Steady Rhythm Fluency from day 1 

  • Ear training, Theory and Improvisation from day 1

  • Participation in our Winter and Spring Concerts

  • Performance Opportunities and Audition Preparedness

  • An Encouraging, Relaxed and Positive Environment

Allegría Piano Lessons may be In-Studio or via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom

Students at Allegría Piano Studio learn to play piano with a fun and innovative approach - one mixed with theory, games, improvisation, composition, and ear training. 


Students love the playful and expressive nature of their lessons and are uniquely motivated to learn, progress, and conquer new challenges.

Students at the Allegría Studio enjoy lessons on a stellar grand piano, ideal for developing technique and a refined ear.

Allegria Piano NYC

Allegría students are taught all of their piano music during the course of their lesson. Our methodical and efficient sessions make home review feel easy. Students accelerate through their beginning books quickly, which in turn increases their confidence.

Students return home excited to play what they have already learned well during the lessons.  It's a self-propelling cycle, fostering independence and self-esteem.  It's amazing to see what students accomplish when they are relaxed, supported, and motivated :

  • Joyful performances with friends and family

  • Learning favorite songs from film and theater

  • Composing and recording original pieces

  • Admission to highly competitive schools

  • Confidence from personal growth and achievement

Allegria Piano NYC
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