Innovative and comprehensive piano lessons for motivated and committed students,

eager to learn piano and to stretch themselves to realize their full musical potential

Allegria Piano Lessons NYC
Allegria Piano Lessons NYC
Allegria Piano Lessons NYC

Allegría Piano's individualized method and inspiring curriculum keeps our students fully engaged in a positive, productive and supportive environment.  Our personalized

one-to-one lessons foster independence, creativity, confidence, and musicianship. 

Students develop their talents expressively, and with enjoyment!

"Michelle is great at assessing students abilities and interests and adjusts lessons to suit your needs. She helped me prepare for my audition at Berklee College of Music- I always look forward to coming home and studying with her on breaks!" -Stephanie C.

"Michelle is an inspiring piano teacher. Every day my son is motivated to practice and looks forward to working with her." -Raul C

"The girls practice every day on their own without our having to say a word.  They love their piano lessons." - George P.

"Thank you so much for helping our daughter get into LaGuardia Highschool, her first choice.  As she says, LaGuardia is a really special opportunity, and she is absolutely right." -Sarah C.

Allegría Piano students are taught not only how to play the piano, but how to creatively express themselves in ways that are empowering and uniquely their own.

Students explore classical, folk, blues, jazz & contemporary styles, and participate in biannual concerts and peer performance workshops.

Students learn to break down challenges and achieve what they thought was beyond their reach, and have fun in the process!  The pride and confidence that our students gain as a result, is, well, music, sweet music!